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Herbal Cures for Insect Bites and Stings

With spring and summer just around the corner, your time in the great outdoors may make you vulnerable to occasional or even frequent insect bites and stings, and you can experience spider bites any time of the year. Fortunately, there’s an absolutely phenomenal remedy for bites and stings, whether spider, ants, wasps, bees, ants, or you name it. This wonderful herb will help allay whatever you bring it.

It’s plantain, a very common weed, not the banana-twin. It’s scientifically known as Plantago major and the narrow-leafed version is Plantao laceolata and equally wonderful.

You probably have plantain growing in your backyard (or maybe even your front yard!!). I think it’s a beautiful plant, but I also love it for its incredible efficacy. As one who suffers mightily from the tiniest flea bite or those wicked fire ant stings that are common in Georgia and other points south, I value plantain greatly.

It’s secret? It neutralizes the toxins, and does so quickly and effectively. For my money, the only thing better than that would be not to have gotten bitten/stung in the first place. It’s also used internally as a general detoxifier and cleaner-upper.

Photos and additional information about Plantago major.

It’s easy to use. If you have some growing nearby when the need strikes, just pluck off a leaf (properly identified, of course!), chew on it a bit to liberate the juices and apply directly to the site.

You could also harvest the leaves, dry them carefully in a very low oven or in a food dehydrator, crumble and bottle in a nice air-tight jar. Then when the need arises, make a fine powder out of some of your stash and add any moist substance that won’t harm your skin to make a paste — aloe vera juice or gel is my favorite, but you can use anything including beer, river water, you name it. Apply the paste to the site and add a bandaid to keep it on and in place. Reapply if the itching or pain come bck. I’ve rarely had to apply more than twice, even for fire ant bites.

You can also buy it in bulk, or in capsule form for ease of use. It’s a simply wonderful herb, and do be sure to read about its other properties at the link above.



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